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▸ April 30, 2018

Some good tips for new runners (and nice reminders for us old dogs that are never too old to learn new tricks)

1. Benefits of Running Starts with Safety
2. Health Benefits of Running
3. How to Start Running
4. Benefits of Running Includes Choosing the Right Running Gear Read More ▸

▸ January 25, 2018

Back in 2010, Running Times Magazine presented an article with a 9 minute video. In the video Pete Magill and Grace Padilla offer some tips on how to incorporate 5 different types of hill workouts into your training schedule to build strength, speed and endurance.

These are: Read More ▸

▸ March 28, 2017

This was the topic on Tuesday Tips from McMillan Running, and the 5 are … Read More ▸

▸ February 8, 2017

Joe Henderson was a columnist for Runner’s World for over 30 years. Back in his column for the February 1996 issue he wrote several dozen truisms of running, here are 10 … Read More ▸

▸ January 2, 2017

Check out the flyer for the screening of the recent documentary “Diamond to the Rough”, presented by former major league baseball player Eric Byrnes. This film chronicles Byrnes running in the 2016 Western States 100. Read More ▸

▸ December 20, 2016

This section of the web page has been inactive since the launch the new web site. Well, no more, I have volunteered to bring you tips on a regular basis. This is my first contribution for your information and reading pleasure. – Bruce Deeter

I saw a tweet today which inspired this first “Tip/Tidbit”.

“You need to keep your easy days easy so your hard days can be hard.”  Read More ▸

▸ May 28, 2015

BTC will post occasional blog entries with information or links we think runners may find interesting. Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, or check the website frequently.