Bakersfield Track Club

Eternal Truths

▸ February 8, 2017

Joe Henderson was a columnist for Runner’s World for over 30 years. Back in his column for the February 1996 issue he wrote several dozen truisms of running, here are 10 …

  • You never know how a run will go until you’ve gone at least a mile.
  • Runners round times down and distances up.
  • Your “perfect shoe” will go off the market before you buy another pair.
  • If you feel warm enough at the beginning of a run, you are overdressed and will soon overheat.
  • You never make up running downhill what you lose going uphill; same with tailwinds and headwinds.
  • Time doesn’t pass at a constant rate; the harder the run, the longer a minute lasts.
  • The older you get, the faster you once ran and the faster you once were.
  • Late in a race, it’s more fun to pass than be passed — another reason to start slowly.
  • Most running injuries aren’t accidental but self inflicted.
  • No matter how slow you go in this race, someone will almost always be slower; it’s nearly impossible to finish last no matter how hard you try.

Joe Henderson has been a running journalist for 50 years. To read more from Joe, check out his blog, this one marking his 50th anniversary: Click Here